Fishing Lake Gaston

Lake Gaston is filled with a variety fish which makes fishing one of the most popular activities that attracts people to our beautiful waters.  Our mild climate ensures those who enjoy the sport the opportunity to partake of it all year long.

Fishing on the lake can be done at any level, with as much or little intensity and investment in equipment as the angler deems appropriate.  Various guide services are available for assistance if you desire to plan a formal approach to the sport.  Boasting over 350 miles of shoreline surrounding 20,300 acres of water, there is obviously no end to fishing opportunities here at Lake Gaston.  

No matter what level of fishing you decide on, it is a safe bet that Lake Gaston will provide you with many hours of angling enjoyment.


Some of the fish found in Lake Gaston:

Striped Bass

Large Mouth Bass

Blue Catfish

Channel Catfish


White Perch


Northern Pike

Black Crappie